I live for the translation of inspiration.

I thrive on connection; to this world, those I serve, and to the source of the vastly creative and extraordinarily intelligent energy that runs through all things.

I’m a creative catalyst, Hip Hop MC, coach, yogi, public speaker, and passionate visionary. I give myself to everything, fully, and it’s my passion to positively impact the world through my creative gifts. The day the epiphany struck me that the key element behind excelling in everything I’ve ever dedicated my life to was connected, rocked my world. It blew me away and changed my life, forever. It unified my world and showed me how to thrive in any area of my life.

Eudaimonia: Greek word for the highest state of human happiness

I’ve always been a driven person. That drive has been expressed as a collegiate soccer player, freestyle snowboarder, visual artist, international energy healer, lyricist, and entrepreneur. In every one of these areas I strove to be the best version of myself I could be and realized that when I was at my best and performing at my best, I was in a flow state and experiencing eudiamonia.

Once I made that connection I knew I had to map this experience for myself and for others. It was the key to exponential growth and held root as a basis for really living life. In this state, life was living me. I also realized the effects this could have for positive global impact and that felt like a deep and powerful responsibility.

Tapping the Flow Explained

Bio-Technically: This is where our lateral pre- frontal cortex, the part of the brain responsible for self-editing, temporarily shuts down and there is a letting go of the self yet with complete control and we enter the realm of the numinous, the Divine. We technically experience something known as transient hypo-forntality and it lowers our brainwave into a theta state. It is a state of full absorption, virtuosity, and enhanced performance where we transcend ourselves.

Sentiently: Our body, mind, and Spirit are Unified. There is complete coherence in our being. The feeling in this expressed state is of a mystical presence that is vastly creative and extraordinarily intelligent.

My experiences of flow states serve as the evolving foundation to who I am as well as how I see and interact with the world. It is THE key state to truly knowing uncharted aspects of myself and what lies beyond my current limits. Quite simply, access to this state and the information within it allows me to be at my best.

Learning the landscape of this territory has allowed me to guide others into their own states of flow and I’m passionate about serving others in this way.

I live for this and for the sake of other awakened artistic creators to experience this as well. I believe that this is paramount to creating the world we want to see in these powerful times.

You may have glimpsed this state and I am dedicated to hacking its presence to be more prevalent on the planet – one person at a time. If there is nothing new under the sun – I’m here to remix the present, with you.