High Energy.
Conscious lyrics.
Infections beats.
Raw, Undeniable, Refined Talent.
The Unexpected.


When you cross the roots of a raw east coast MC, a west coast conscious lyricist, a global water activist, and a mystic with a gift for freestyle rap, you get a man on a mission here to uplift and impact millions known as RA-BE 333. 

RA-BE (pronounced Rah-bee) 333 consistently lights crowds up with his thought provokingly deep lyricism, audience participation, call and response chants, witty humor between songs, and unleashing incredible freestyle raps on topics that he draws from the crowd into every show. 

His simple manifesto to Awaken, Uplift, and Move Bodies is balanced through his spell binding lyricism leaving the audience with a feeling of empowered energy and vital inspiration to ACT on what’s real to them.

His highly curated and rotating cast of female singers, DJs, live instrumentalists, and dancers the he seamlessly integrates into each show provide the secret sauce to take any performance from great to unforgettable.

RA-BE 333 is a prolific creator. His catalog includes 5 mixtapes, an  EP, an album, and much more to come in 2020.

RA-BE 333 has shared the bills with acclaimed artists such as Sa-Roc, Sage Francis,  The Polish Ambassador, Charles the First, Zion I, SaQi, KR3TURE, The Human Experience, Liberation Movement, Blackalicious, Brother J of X-Clan, MC Supernatural, TROPO, and Vokab Kompany and has performed at the following festivals:

Lighting in a Bottle
Lucidity Festival
Sunset Sessions, Tulum Mexico
Santa Cruz Music Festival
Santa Cruz Hip Hop Festival
Big Surreal
Burning Man
Indivisible Resist Festival

Shalom Clothing

Gravity Water