I live for the translation of inspiration.

I thrive on connection; to this world, those I serve, and to the source of the vastly creative and extraordinarily intelligent energy that runs through all things.

Your soul has called you to do something incredible. I want to help you.

Whatever it takes.

I am here to support you in creating the life you’ve envisioned in the way only you can create it. I believe that the intersection of doing what you love combined with the act of sharing it in service will lead to a thriving life. – can I get a F**k Yeah?!

If you have a big vision, that is a gift – a calling. The path to fulfilling it becomes a blessing when you choose to listen and fulfill the call.

I believe the path of personal development and dedication to your deepest calling is the biggest gift you can give to yourself and the world. It is an honoring of your life, all the lives that have brought you here, and all those who will follow yours.

I ask you to consider the risk of committing to your biggest vision and expression versus the risk of not. There is no limit to the success you can achieve. If postponing your vision feels painful and self defeating, then now is the time to work together. Let’s do this, We got this.

High End Creative Coaching

In my 3 month coaching and mentoring program we will be clarifying, embodying, and acting on what matters most to your heart as a creator of your experience and as a unique expression on this earth.

To be aligned with what’s most important in your life is paramount to living a present and fulfilled life. To do this, however, is a very committed and full experience that involves every aspect of your life.

What’s most important to me is that my clients get in touch with the core of who they are and the reason they are here. It’s a singularity that displays itself in every facet of your life and if you can contact it, groom it, and be with it – Life and your expression becomes a whole new experience.

Together we get in touch with what sources you and build habits and practices that serve this connection and carve a trajectory towards where you are going.

We’ll go beyond conceptual ideas and create an experience of tapping into your source, identifying with it, and allowing it to move through you.

I believe that this is what any true artist is doing.

“Art is a collaboration between God and the artist, the less the artist does the better.” – Andre Gide

Together We Will DO THE WORK

Doing the Work Grows You and it starts with showing up for yourself. This process is a journey and is customized to the individual and their specific needs and requests. Each session will be uniquely different and catered to the individual.

There is a balance of having concrete daily habits, taking literal steps towards what you want to create and express, and being in the state of mind and spirit that allows all the action steps to be in alignment and to have an element of grace in support of the process.

Together we will address all of these aspects and create a system that works for you while stretching your limits to the next level. This takes focus and practice and extremely rewarding*

I have been a Theta Healing practitioner and teacher for the past 8 years and have worked with hundreds of people. I am trained in shifting core belief systems, blockages, and resistant energy into alignment, clarity, and inspired action. I absolutely love this work and it’s a huge part of what I bring to the table.

I am also a recording and performing artist with a visually artistic side that is IN this experience and know first hand what it takes to be connected to your creative flow and live and artistically fulfilling and expressed life.

I feel that one of the greatest joys and experiences of life is to get out of your own way, to be tapped into a greater source, and to feel as though Life is Living You. THIS is tapping the flow and THIS is what has governed my life and choices. THIS is what I’m passionate about when serving others who wish to experience this every day.

If you are ready to take your art, your life, and your expression to the next level then sign up for a discovery session today!

In our session we will get in touch with who you are, where you are in relation to where you want to be, and how I can best serve you. These sessions are enlivening, exciting, and fun. Together we will decide if we are a good fit and then take it from there.

How It Works

Fill out the application below and I’ll email you to schedule your first complimentary one on one discovery session. Together we will get clear about the best ways I can serve you and discover if we are a good fit to work together.

I work with dedicated and committed individuals who are willing to show up and do the work to move in the direction of their greatest visions.

I will get to know who you truly are as a person, what your greatest challenges are, and where you would like to go. I ask that in signing up for a complimentary discovery session that you have the intention to work together in the future.

Let’s Get Started. Schedule your Complimentary One-on-One Discovery Session

Working with me may include but is not limited to:

  • Weekly, bi-weekly calls / skype sessions
  • Theta Healing belief work / sub conscious reprogramming
  • Daily and weekly practices to continue thriving in your practice and vision
  • Guidance on spiritual technology to cater to your needs
  • Holding accountability
  • Access to my resources

My working relationships with clients are 2-6 months or longer so we can really see transformation and create momentum to keep you thriving. My minimal investment for working together is $1000. Packaging varies in time, commitment, and pricing. Price plans are available.